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When we question our thinking

People became philosophers when they began to question what guides their thinking and analyze their thoughts.


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10% luck, 20% skill, 15% concentrated power of will

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The HMV (How Might We) Question

A How might we (HMW) question can generate lots of creative ideas. Here are some examples of How might we questions:

  • How might we ensure more people pay their taxes before the deadline?
  • How might we help employees stay productive and healthy when working from home?
  • ...

Conclude your scrum with a “question/reflection"

Conclude your scrum with a “question/reflection"

Scrum meetings are daily coordination meetings where team members review the backlog, identify problems, and prioritize tasks. They are short meetings used for reflection.

For example, if a team faces a complex issue, they pose a question about the problem and ask the team to come prepared...

Reactive Thinking: How We Allocate Our Attention

Reactive Thinking: How We Allocate Our Attention

Reactive thinking is how we build habits, and it’s why to-do lists and calendar alerts are so helpful: Rather than needing to decide what to do next, we can take advantage of our reactive instincts and automatically proceed.

But the downside of reactive thinking is ...

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