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Mindfulness Through Reading

  1. Find some quiet time to read when there is ample time to indulge and pick something engaging but not too challenging.
  2. Try to read from a physical book but if you have to read from a smartphone or tablet, disable notifications and turn on the soothing reading mode.
  3. As you progress in the book, notice the color, ink and the smell of the pages, your slowing down or getting sleepy is a good sign, it means your brain is responding to this new, refreshing cycle of activity.
  4. Notice the language, the rhythm of the sentences, the vibrant details that build a visual image inside your mind.
  5. Do not be frustrated if you wander, it is part of reading to get lost in something beautiful.
  6. Gently glide back in the book and enjoy whatever you get out of it.


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Silence is the way to avoid many problems & Smile is the way to solve many problems.

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