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Common Ideas About Hope

  • Hope and optimism. Optimism is a positive attitude about a future event that is probable while being hopeful is more realistic. A hopeful individual recognizes that life may work out differently, but continues to remain positive.
  • A potential pitfall of hope is that people can repeatedly fail to change aspects of their behavior, leading to a cycle of failure characterized by unrealistic expectations.
  • Hope is not the same as wishful thinking. Wishful thinking does not involve any plan on how to accomplish change, while hope involves a commitment to seeking future outcomes.
  • Desire and hope. Desire is more open-ended and less directed than hope. Hope can evoke a future-oriented willingness to achieve a goal.
  • The biggest enemy of hope is an inability to affect the kind of change people desire in their lives.


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4 Types of Hope

  • Realistic hope: It is hope for an outcome that is reasonable and possible. For example, hope for ease from chronic pain, knowing that complete eradication is unrealistic.
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4 Ideas to maintain hope

4 Ideas to maintain hope

  • Hope map to develop a clear view of expectations and barriers en route. It helps move efficiently towards goals. And on completion, creates a sense of confidence, energy, & excitement. 
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Hope Tests and Assessments

  • The Children’s Hope Scale (CHS) is designed to measure the overall hopeful thinking in children between the ages of 8 - 16.
  • The Herth Hope Scale (HHS) is designed to capture the multidimensional aspects of hope. It measures three dimensions of hope...

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