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One way to calm an anxious mind: Notice when you’re doing OK

The feeling underneath all our desires

You may want more certainty or love. Or you may want less pain or heartache or unemployment.

But meanwhile, underneath all the desires and activities is an awareness that you're doing fine this second. The fear that bad things will happen if you let yourself feel OK is unfounded. You do not need to fear feeling all right.


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Craving for normalcy
Craving for normalcy

With all the 2020 events, we all want life to be normal again. While we are starting to adjust to the new normal, many of us are not adjusting in a good way. We let go of positive routines and repl...

Behavioral Activation Therapy - BAT

The idea behind BAT is that we have to do happy to feel happy. Instead of our mood changing what we do, we need to change what we do to fix our mood. The first principle of BAT is to change what you do. Engage in the right activities and positive feelings will follow.

We can't wait until we feel better before we act. Emotions perpetuate themselves. We have to move now and break the cycle of our feelings. This is how we grab hold of happiness.

The Balance Between Leisure And Mistery
  • Pleasure is vital, but we want the kind that will last and not leave you even more stressed than before you started. We're looking for a deeper satisfaction that comes from truly meaningful activities like relationships, exercise, and reading.
  • Mastery can be thought of as a feeling of accomplishment. Progress in goals that are meaningful to you, whether it pays the bills or not.

Create a balance between leisure activities and mastery.

How we're sitting
How we're sitting

The childhood advice of sitting up straight, shoulders back, is incorrect.

Sitting this way takes effort. We end up arching our backs by tensing up our muscles. When we tighten them, we...

The tendency to slump

If you tend to slump, you need to learn to lengthen your back. Use the time that you're sitting to stretch yourself against the backrest.

  • Sit with your bottom well back in your chair while moving your upper body away from the backrest.
  • Place your fists on the front lower border of your rib cage, then gently push back on your rib cage so as to elongate your lower back.
  • Then, grab some place of your chair and make yourself taller by gently pushing the top of you away from the bottom.
  • In that position, put your back against the chair's backrest. Ideally, the chair would have some grippy thing mid-back to hold you.
A healthier back

For a healthier back, develop the "inner corset" core strength: the group of core muscles that support your spine. Crunches are not the best exercises for this purpose as they also crunch your discs and nerves.

You should engage particular muscles deep in the abdomen and back; then your muscles can take care of your back.

The Art Of Storytelling
The Art Of Storytelling
  • Storytelling is a time-tested and respected skill to pass knowledge, wisdom and life lessons to the world.
  • For many medical researchers, storytelling has gone beyond teaching and ...
The Daily Exercise Of Creativity: Storytelling

Storytelling can be great for our own mental wellbeing, enhanced relationships and a healthy brain.

  1. One needs to be playful, excited and passionate while giving the storytelling performance.
  2. Get energetic and enthusiastic, smiling to provide a subtle joy to the listener.
  3. Keep your story short and punchy for maximum impact, while keeping it colourful.
  4. Read stories every day, and pick the best ones to recite, practised for perfection.
  5. Instead of facts, focus on the emotions.
  6. Develop the characters of the story to make them memorable.
  7. Remember that any story can be interesting in the way it is told.