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How social media affects our expectations

Social media is a great contributor as to why our expectations to ourselves and towards other people is damaging.

We often tend to compare ourselves with other people online regardless of who they may be. We tend to forget that we compare our worst moments to somebody else's best.

Being more appreciative of our lives

Studies have shown that we tend to disregard the things that we currently have to yearn for the things that others have that we don't.

We need to remind ourselves to be thankful for the life that we have as of the moment. If the life that you have currently is not up to par with your expectations, it is always up to us to work on ourselves and to work for the life we want.

Why expectations hurt

Why expectations hurt

We often fantasize about the day when things will finally go our way. We have highly positive expectations of the future, but once what we expected did not match our reality we feel hurt and lost.

Expectations frustrate us when we idealize a certain future but our actions and our behavior is not in accordance to what we were expecting for. Oftentimes our behavior falls short of our standards.

Managing expectations

We tend to have many unrealistic expectations that are based on our highly critical comparison to other people, in order to lessen the disappointment we feel whenever we are let down we must remember to:

  1. Be realistic
  2. Remember that nobody hits the bullseye on the first try.

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