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The Right Amount of Worry

If you tend to worry about a lot of things, you're no different from any exception achiever. Worrying is not a bad thing because it can often encourage us to better ourselves and improve.

However, worrying to the point of catstrophizing is dangerous and will ultimately end your career (worst-case scenario).

It's important to find a balance where you have enough distance from your "impending doom" thoughts in order to see them clearly.

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The Spartan Constitution

Sparta was the first known functioning democracy. This was 150 years before the introduction of democracy in Athens.

They were a thinly populated state but they were greatly celebrated and was one of the most powerful cities.

The Spartan Constitution was written by Xenophon, a foreign dweller into the land of Sparta. Without his work, we wouldn't have any accounts on how the Spartan life became.

The range of optimists
  • On the one end of the spectrum, you find the pure optimist. He is confident everything is great, and all negativity is a character flaw.
  • Next to him, the extreme optimist accepts that bad things sometimes happen to other people.
  • Then comes the optimist who can be sceptical of other people's optimism.
  • After him, you find the optimist who is confident in himself and equally pessimistic about others.
A Non-Clinging Mind

A mind that doesn’t need anything in particular, and is not favouring or attached to any sort of condition, expectation or preference would be at home and at ease no matter what the situation, circumstance or event.

Our mind is always clinging to how it wants things and does not like it otherwise. A Buddhist verse, stated in the Diamond Sutra, says that one should develop a mind that clings to nothing.

Philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Jean-Jacques Rousseau was a Swiss Enlightenment philosopher who argued passionately for democracy, equality, liberty and supporting the common good.

Rousseau was born in Geneva in 1712. He wrote several major works on politics, education, music and botany. But his controversial ideas made him many enemies, forcing him to flee France, Switzerland, and Prussia in turn. His ideas on education, toleration, state sovereignty, democracy, liberty and equality remain very influential.

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