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No faux personalities

Those who are emotionally intelligent believe that it is important to show people their true selves whenever faced with difficult situations to show people others that challenging situations should always be faced headstrong with transparency and emotional honesty instead of hiding behind a mask and taking all the responsibility by yourself and refrain from asking help when needed.


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Responding rather than reacting

Responding rather than reacting

People with high emotional intelligence are more likely to understand the root cause of the problem and solve it in a calm manner instead of dismissing it as a nuisance.

When we respond rather than react we take the time to pause, perceive, and pursue the action that we th...


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The emotionally intelligent practice self-control

The people we consider to be reasonable people are those we see that practice restraint over themselves and the ones do not let their emotions control them.

Self-control is a necessary emotional skill that provides long-term pay off because this skill provides a work envir...


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Looking at the whole picture

While it is important to look the the details we shouldn't forget that the whole picture is important as well.

People who have higher emotional intelligence act with a high degree of self-awareness. They are able to see both sides and understand the situation of both sides.


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Thinking before speaking

This is usually a trait we need to look for from everyone, but emotionally intelligent people have a technique called the "six second pause" to gather their thoughts instead of blurting out whatever thought comes to mind.

The chemicals of emotion inside our brains and ...


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