Remote work: build trust and develop important relationships

Because remote work is likely to persist in some form, business leaders charged with nurturing customer relationships must find a new way to build and grow transformational partnerships.

  • Rediscover the art of business relationships: We need to make time to socialize. Starting a call 10 minutes early for anyone who wants to catch up can allow for the conversations that would typically happen at in-person gatherings.
  • Get creative: Because you're saving money by not entertaining, other creative ways can be found to impress your partners while still building your relationships, such as a virtual studio tour.
  • Demonstrate empathy: The world has also changed for the decision-makers, skeptics, and trailblazers. Ensure to find time to ask them about their internal relationships.
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There are certain personality archetypes in every business partnership.

  • The decision-makers: In person, around a table, decision-makers are easy to identify. Virtually, it can be challenging to identify the decision-makers and to identify what they need to make those decisions.
  • The skeptics: Skeptics could be engaged with one on one, often after a meeting to ensure their concerns were heard. In the remote world, it's more challenging to identify and share ideas with them.
  • The trailblazers: Trailblazers often get what you're doing and may endorse a strategy and find a way to innovate and fund them. One could connect with trailblazers at coffee breaks or sidebar conversations. This has all but disappeared in the online world.
Moving from in-person to remote customers

Travel restrictions and safety concerns irrevocably changed the ability for companies to bond with clients and customers. Many companies still are trying to figure out a good way to connect with clients over virtual platforms.

The lack of in-person interaction makes it much harder for seasoned salespeople and customer-relationship managers to "read the room." It results in missed opportunity and causes a loss in the ability to discover new and transformational ideas and products together.

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Today's technology-enabled world offers many ways to capitalize on creativity: creators are now earning individually, monetizing their unique skills. People are turning their passion, the things they love to do, into their earning source.

Whether it's podcasting or video content creation, teaching or writing, individuals are changing the definition of a 'job'.



Why hiring Virtual Assistant is the new Normal

Did you know that an average person spent 4866 hrs a year staring at their gadgets?

What does this mean?

We are in a world where having an online presence consumes more time than being in the physical world!

As Entrepreneur how we can take advantage of that?

You might think that it's easy peasy...

Just go fishing where the fish is...


But can you really just place your fish rod out there and wait till someone falls into your bait?

Effective team building contains two things:

  • A change of scenery, which makes the activity seem like a break from the normal day.
  • A demonstration that your employer really cares about your wellbeing.

Virtual team-building fails at both because it is nearly impossible to provide specialized attention on a group video call. And if you're attending a team-building video chat from your home office, it won't feel like a change of environment.

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