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How to Thrive When Everything Feels Terrible

Countering Toxicity: The Art Of Thriving

Thriving is a psychological state when one has a sense of growth, vitality, development, along with positive energy. People who thrive are never stagnated or feed depleted, but are healthy, resilient and focused.

The inevitable stress, negativity and distractions are buffered in thriving individuals, who are confident and in control of the situation, rather than being in self-doubt or misery.




We all feel overwhelmed at times
We all feel overwhelmed at times

We all have days where we feel overwhelmed. Yet, we still need to get things done.

When handled right, work can have a grounding effect that can help you through these days.

When feeling overwhelmed, focus on a familiar activity

Find a task on your to-do list that is satisfying but not challenging - for example, writing a newsletter you've been doing for years.

When we perform highly familiar tasks, it's easy to get absorbed in them and go with the flow. A task that you can finish in one sitting will also give you a sense of accomplishment.

Do an unfamiliar task you’ve been avoiding

On a low day, tasks that you struggle to do in your time off can be the ideal choice. You could also try working on a task that's aspirational and creative. It will help you feel like a competent person whose life is in order.

When people feel low or short on self-confidence, they tend to retreat. When you act as though you have confidence in your ideas and capacities, it provides you with an antidote.