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After The Apology

  1. Have an uneventful, normal interaction with the person that you hurt with your words, so that the relationship can move forward.
  2. If after all your efforts, the person is still hurt like anything, then it is best to offer another sincere apology and move on, disengaging from the person.


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A Successful Apology

A perfect apology has to be without ego, an expression of genuine regret, and the assumption of full responsibility: I am so sorry that you were hurt, this accident is completely my fault, and I really was going too fast, and too carelessly.

A botched or half-hear...

The ‘Apology Gift’

While apologizing, a certain cost has to be paid up. The point of this cost is not to benefit or enrich the recipient of the ‘Apology Gift’ but the sacrifice or the hurt the giver is willing to undergo.

For Example, an offer to cancel a weekend trip in order to spend that time with th...

Offer an apology

Offer a genuine and humble apology, acknowledging your error and the harm you caused to the other person, team, or the business.

Don’t be defensive or make your apology about yourself. What other people care about is your impact, not your intent.

For example, do...

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