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5 Super Awkward WFH Moments You’ve Probably Experienced

5 Super Awkward WFH Moments You’ve Probably Experienced

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Five Awkward Moments during WFH

  1. Realizing your topwear has been the same all week in your virtual team meetings and presentations.
  2. Bottomwear is now strictly Yoga pants, but it’s awkward if noticed on a zoom call.
  3. Talking over others, due to tech glitches like a bad network, mute button hell, and hard-to-guess visual cues.
  4. Our pets making a grand entry from behind, inside our zoom call.
  5. Pretentious laughing over a joke we don’t get, especially related to the office you’ve never been to.

Workplace Awkwardness

Workplace Awkwardness

We all may have experienced awkward moments at school/college or the workplace. Things like waving back to a person who was only waving to someone behind you, or having to run towards an elevator door because your boss is holding it for you, across the hall.

These moments are inevitable and generally attract people who are already confused or introverted.

Virtual Awkwardness

The weird, awkward moments have now gone virtual due to most of our interactions and communications happening online, while we (try to) work from home.

Apart from the common talking while on mute gaffe, there are many other award-worthy super-awkward classics in the ‘Zoom’ world in our bedrooms.

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