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Better on the skin that in your food

Health organizations tend to discourage the use of coconut oil.

The American Heart Association says it's better on your skin than in your food, and it recommends that no more than 5% or 6% of your daily calories come from saturated on - 13 grams per day. 

Coconut oil is calorie-dense

Coconut oil is calorie-dense

It is more than 80% saturated fat. And just one tablespoon has 120 calories. 

About the same as a large apple or four cups of air-popped popcorn.

This means that consuming large amounts without reducing other calorie sources can lead to weight gain.

Coconut oil and cholesterol

Coconut oil and cholesterol

In relation to cholesterol: 

  • Coconut oil increases LDL cholesterol, the "bad" cholesterol, which has been associated with increased risk of heart disease.
  • Coconut oil also raises HDL, the "good" cholesterol, especially when replacing carbohydrates in the diet.

Limiting coconut oil use

You don't have to absolutely avoid coconut oil, but rather limit the use of it or replace it.

The American Heart Association advocates replacing coconut oil with "healthy fats" such as polyunsaturated fats and monounsaturated fats, like those found in canola and olive oils, avocados and fatty fish.

No clear benefits of coconut oil

No clear benefits of coconut oil

There are many claims being made about coconut oil being some kind of superfood, wonderful for lots of different things, but we really don't have any evidence of long-term health benefits.

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