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Why Ivy Lee Method Works?

Why Ivy Lee Method Works?

  • You stop multitasking
  • You get clarity on what matters
  • You start planning ahead


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Ivy Lee Method FAQs

Ivy Lee Method FAQs

  1. Can I list more than 6 items? Yes, but I wouldn’t recommend it
  2. Can I make my list in the morning? Try creating your list the night before and adjust as needed.
  3. What if there are tasks I never complete? Assess whether those ta...


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Ivy Lee Method Steps

Ivy Lee Method Steps

  1. Write down your top 6 priorities: At the end of the day, create a list of your top 6 priorities for tomorrow.
  2. Rank those 6 items according to their importance.
  3. Start your day with the first task: Right after your morning routine, start with the first task.
  4. Move throug...


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Ivy Lee productivity method

Ivy Lee productivity method

  • The Ivy Lee method is a 100-year-old strategy for helping people become more productive at work
  • Under the Ivy Lee method, at the end of each night you write down your six most important tasks to accomplish the following day in order of importance.
  • The next day, you begin work...

Why Lee’s Productivity Method Works

Why Lee’s Productivity Method Works

  • It’s simple: complexity is often a weakness as it makes it harder to get back on track when unforeseen events happen.
  • It narrows the goals: If you have too many ideas or tasks trimming away what isn’t essential is key. Otherwise, you’ll commit to nothing and be distract...

The Ivy Lee Productivity Method

The Ivy Lee Productivity Method

  1. At the end of the day, write in order of importance only the six most important things you need to accomplish tomorrow.
  2. In the next day, concentrate only on the first task until it is finished before moving on to the second task and so on.
  3. At t...

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