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Clutter = mental distractions

An organized workspace allows for clarity of thought and act like a motivational lift.

Because when things are in the way (mentally or physically) we get slowed down, distracted and derailed. 


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I work on myself like my mechanic works on my car.

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Health And Mental Clutter

Health And Mental Clutter

Your mind and body are one. It’s much easier for a physically unhealthy person to experience a poor mental state.

Things like lack of sleep, improper eating habits and lack of exercise, among others, can throw your internal balance in disarray and with it, bring mental clutter.

Block out distractions

Use 'pact' like a way to pre-commit to an outcome when you know you're likely to get distracted.

This could be as simple as working with a friend for a set period of time where you keep each other accountable.

Mental Fitness

Mental Fitness

Just like we take care of our physical fitness, doctors advise us to keep our brains fit by exercising it, in order to stay sharp when one attains the ‘senior citizen’ tag.

Our long-term cognitive health depends on us staying mentally fit, and brain games/memory games are thought to work g...

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