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The Psychology of Willpower

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Creating Healthier Foods

Apart from the various signals being measured, there are other things like sweat, pupil dilation and gastronomical signals that are recent discoveries of how the brain works, as the scientists try to bypass the biases of people and capture the subjective taste differences.

The research can help create better, healthier foods, as we get new insights on how we sense our food. We can also find out if there are other basic tastes, like fat, for instance.


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Our Food Biases We Know Nothing About

The vanilla flavour does not contain sugar. Yet the taste of vanilla tricks the brain into thinking that it is having something sweet.

This is due to the fact that almost all the desserts we had since we were born, like cakes and pastries, probably were sweet and did have that particular f...


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The Bias Blind Spot: We Have Biases About Biases

When we see someone else do something, we sometimes think we could do better, and probably recognized the food taste in a more objective way. The problem is that most of us are suffering from various biases, like the common bias blind spot: We think we are less biased than others.


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Our Food Senses Aren’t Accurate

Our brains are not reliable food sensors, and our taste buds are affected not just by the food that we put in our mouths, but a variety of electrical signals from our brain, body and all the other sense organs.


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The Brain Scan For Food Tasting

A neuroscientist specializing in food conducted an elaborate EEG brain scan test that measures the electrical impulses of feelings, emotions, thoughts, sensory input and even muscle movement while the tongue tastes a particular food.

The results showed that the brain figures out the food w...


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Drinking Coffee: How Our Senses Work

When we drink a cup of coffee, we detect it using the receptors of our bodies, and that information is then converted into activated neurons. Waves of light are converted into colors, with the mouth receptors trying to classify the beverage as one of the five basic tastes: salty, sour, bitter, sw...


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"It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver." - Gandhi

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