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The Worst Nuclear Accident

In April 1986, the Chernobyl nuclear power station in Ukraine had a deadly and costly experiment that led to the greatest nuclear accident on record, killing 32 people instantly and crippling thousands more in Russia, France and Italy.

The explosion, which resulted from an unstable nuclear reactor getting overheated, poisoned the wildlife and led to an exponential rise in cancer cases in the surrounding area.

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The need for food labelling

In the 19th Century, manufacturers added all kinds of unpleasant substances to processed food.

Milk sellers in the US once added chalk or dye to make their watered-down batches look more palatable. Other food companies added copper sulphate - a garden pesticide - to their tinned vegetables to make them look greener. Formaldehyde or borax was added to extend shelf life. In England, green sugary sweets were coloured with arsenic, and lead was added to red or yellow ones.

Sleep paralysis

Sleep paralysis is a neurological phenomenon in which a person awakens from sleep but is temporarily paralyzed.

The episode may last a few seconds to minutes and is accompanied by the strangest hallucinations. It can feel terrifying.

Your immune system is your friend

Your immune system defends your body from infection. If you can support it, there will be benefits.

Your immune system creates, stores, and distributes white blood cells that fight bacteria and viruses you are exposed to.

The Superhuman Power Of The Brain

A simple look at our brain, we would see a blob of jiggly meat, however, this blob of jiggly meat is extremely powerful. Through years of evolution, our brains are responsible for conjuring our pasts and predicting our futures, control our bodies, and create our experiences in the past and the present.

Our brains can also modify our physical reality through a social reality where we can make up something out of nothing and convince other people to treat it as real.

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