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4 types of leadership

  • Directing is for employees requiring a lot of specific guidance to complete the task. 
  • Coaching is for employees who need more than average guidance to complete the task, but with above-average amounts of two-way dialogue. 
  • Supporting is for employees with the skills to complete the task but who may lack the confidence to do it on their own. 
  • Delegating is for employees who score high on motivation, ability, and confidence. 


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Leadership styles of the SLII®

Leadership styles of the SLII®

  • Providing direction, when someone is new to a task;
  • Providing coaching when someone gets discouraged;
  • Supporting the a person's continued development as they gain competence in the task;
  • Moving to a delegating style, when the direct report ...

The Tao of Coaching

The Tao of Coaching

  • Good coaching: help employees to solutions with guidance.
  • Coaching returns: Relations, Team, increased Self-awareness.
  • Effective feedback: “AID”: “Actions,” their “Impact”, “Desired” outcome.
  • Organize coaching: GROW “Goal, Reality, Options, Wrap up.”
  • Tail...

The "accepting" leadership story

Leaders who use this lens didn't consider themselves as leaders until they realized others were following them. People came to them for answers, guidance, and support.

This group tends to supporting or serving the needs of others above themselves, often with a low-key atti...

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