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Grandiose Narcissism

This is the kind of narcissism which is commonly associated with what narcissism is supposed to mean.

This Tony Starkish caricature of a flamboyant personality is noticed due to their loud and bold nature. A measure of grandiose traits are actually positive, and most people don’t mind someone who is popular to be a little stubborn and egoistic.


To be narcissistic is to be selfish, manipulative, and ego-driven. But this trait has varying degrees of intensity, from reasonable selfishness to a villainous and psychopathic personality disorder.

Narcissists need not always be the flashy and over-confident people who are not letting oth...

..or NPD, refers to an extremely severe, negative form of narcissism and has the following traits:

  1. Pervasive patterns of self-importance.
  2. Preoccupation of fantasies of extreme power.
  3. A constant need to be admired.
  4. A sense of entitlement.
  5. Lack of em...

We may have seen some hypersensitive people at work, or among friends, who are taking everything to heart, being defensive, spiteful, and avoidant with their interactions. These people are easily hurt and are always insecure, in self-doubt, or in some kind of deep pain.

Their vulnerability...

Most narcissists do not fall in the two extremes of angels (zero narcissism) or demons (impairing disorder) but are somewhere in between, a grey area where they exhibit a certain level of narcissism. This makes diagnosis difficult in most cases.

Psychologists have identified two broad ...

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  1. Vulnerable - they have low self-esteem and crave affirmation
  2. Grandiose - they have a genuinely overinflated sense of self

A study done by New York University researchers suggests that those who fall under the grandiose type of narciss...

Qualities of a Covert Narcissist

  • They may come off as introverted, shy, innocent, and even caring
  • They give a shoulder to cry on but will use what you share with them against you further down the road with the sole aim of making you feel indebted and grateful
  • They are emotionally persuasive and can guilt-tri...

Narcissism As A Defence Mechanism

  • The term Narcissist is named after the beautiful Narcissus, a youth in Ancient Greece who was so self-obsessed with his own reflection that it killed him.
  • A narcissistic attitude is a product of self-loathing, and not self-love, according to an aca...