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On moviemaking

“All my films are all my children.”

“I can't stand modern movies. The images are too weird and eccentric for me.”

“I would like to make a film to tell children ‘it's good to be alive.’”

"In order to grow your audience, you must betray their expectations."


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De-escalate Office Tension

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How to create a positive work environment

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Effective communication in the workplace

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Focus On The Payoff, Not The Effort

Instead of reminding myself how completing certain tasks and projects would help me grow my business, increase my income, or get me closer to my goals, I’d ponder too much over how much time and energy doing the work would cost me.

Only when I practiced ‘

Remove The Lies, Replace Them With Truth

Remove The Lies, Replace Them With Truth

We can interpret this in different ways, but it all leads to the same destination: Freedom

👩🏽‍🔬 If you are a science person: The lies stand for cognitive bias. Identify the bias by asking the right questions and do your best to get rid of them.


Zen Freedom

Freedom thinking is freedom. Attachment thinking is hindrance.

Suppose your parents say, ‘Your shirt is dirty; you must change it!’ If you say, ‘No, I won't change; I am free!’, then you are attached to your dirty shirt or to your freedom itself.


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