10. Start a log - Deepstash

10. Start a log

  • It’s important that you write down everything you do and eat and make yourself accountable for every action or non-action during your fitness journey.
  • Record absolutely everything including the small things like when you picked stairs over elevator – these are the small victories that will eventually add up and it’s important that you remember them. They will help you stay strong.
  • Keep a log where you can see it at all times, set reminder and cross days off a calendar to reinforce your commitment.
  • Keep post it notes on your computer screen, set Google calendar reminders and flashcards with small things you can do to stay active throughout the day in addition to your fitness program.
  • Every little bit will count: even 10 more squats a day will be 70 more squats by the end of the week.
  • Fitness is a mind game, you get results always – when you show up and only when you show up. That’s how you keep with it and at it and stay on track.

You keep on reminding yourself why you are doing this and keep on reminding yourself to get to it and do something today, tomorrow and the day after and when you look back you’ll realise what an amazing journey you have just walked, one day at a time, and how far you’ve come. 


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The greatest wealth is health 🍏

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