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The past is in your head

The past is an important part of who you are today, but it is no longer actively in your life.

In our memories we can look back at the injustices that we were witness to, the mistakes we made, or the opportunities we missed, but it’s a slippery slope — what’s in our past can’t be changed.

Acknowledging the past, and the role it played in your life, is an important step to the next phase.


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A student who is trying to have a healthier, more productive lifestyle and thinking about sharing the journey :)

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Practicing empathy in relationships and communication

Understanding the importance of balance in personal and professional life

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Past Deciding The Future

Past Deciding The Future

We let our knowledge and experiences of the past project into our future, by making concrete predictions that this or that cannot happen due to what happened in the past.

But life is constantly changing, flowing like a river, and does not follow past patterns.

Is past a curse or blessing?

  • Past is a memory that is gone in time
  • But we only remember or our mind will only remind us of moments that brought us tremendous joy or terrible misery.
  • Some people take positives and find ways to improve themselves
  • Some others live through the same mistakes over and ...

Purpose Is Essential

Purpose Is Essential

Purpose in life leads to greater well-being, hope and provides a sense of meaning in life.

The positive or negative experiences we have as children play an important role in our sense of purpose during our adult life.

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