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2. Get professional help

While your family, friends, partner or manager might have the best intentions and might be willing to listen and support, they are not mental health professionals.


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6. Focus on things that are in your control

Do we have a problem? What’s the solution? 

If we don’t have a solution and we cannot change things, then we don’t have a problem. It’s just the status quo and we’ll learn to live with it. 

Stressing out won’t make things better – it will just make you feel miserable and you’re no...


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1. Share your struggles

You can work proactively to build a support ecosystem to help you get through difficult times.

  • Call your close friend(s) and talk to them about how you’re feeling. 
  • Join a community / group of like-minded people who’ve been through what you’re going through right now. 
  • ...


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8. Pick the battles to fight. Wisely

Ask yourself a set of questions before engaging in any activity:

  • Does spending time on this bring me closer to my goal? Personal or professional, it works wonders every time. If the answer is no, just don’t.
  • Can I do something else to help me reach my goal faster or more effect...


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7. You’re not as important as you think you are

No matter how impactful your work is, irrespective of how indispensable you see yourself, the Earth keeps spinning around.


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9. Respect yourself and your time

Divide all your commitments into 4 different buckets, based on their importance and urgency:

  1. Do now – things that are both important and urgent.
  2. Plan ahead – things that are important, but don’t require your immediate attention.


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5. Stop multitasking

Grouped the tasks into categories: 

  • all tasks related to one particular project, all non-essential work tasks, 
  • catching up with email, 
  • personal things to do such as shopping online, time with my loved ones

Blocked uninterrupted chunks of time in calendar f...


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3. The ABC Model

Developed by Dr. Albert Ellis, the ABC Model is a technique that you can use to identify your cognitive distortions and change the way you respond to adversity. 

The letters in the name of the model stand for:

  • Activating event: the situation tha...


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4. Make informed choices & stop complaining

Most of the decisions we take are reversible. Some of them easily reversible, some of them more difficult to change. But reversible, nonetheless.

"If you can’t take it anymore, you change it. Complaining is not an option and you’re not paying me to pity you. It’s in your power a...


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