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Observe silents for make the day best.No mobile or phone at the early morning.To enjoy the silence wake up 4.00 to 6.00 am.



For example - suppose you need to talk some one.

Then you thought i am not confident.

So your brain will become like that when you keep saying that over and over again.

In that time you tell I'm confident...that is positive.



How many times the taj mahal was built.Then you say once.But not once two because one in his mind and real.

Then imagine that you are there for what your dream.

Then you will quickly reach that dream.

Thoughts > Action > Reality



Exercise is the best formula for health.


Blood cerculation increase > oxygen supply > Energetic

Endorphins = Neuron transmitter that helps to low stress and more happy.



In morning you did not read newses or hear newses Because in newses 90% is negative news.Please did not read news.That is harting a day.So which book you read = self development books.

If you don't get that books you read audiobooks, podcast, pdf.

S-Scribing or [ writing ]

write to-do list, Goals, idea, thoughts or gratitude.

Write these things short in a book or diary everyday.

Because you write this things everyday your brain process that things and you have a awareness and that goals give it to achieve.

How many time to do this things in morning?

  1. Silents = 5 min
  2. Affirmations = 5 min
  3. Visualisation = 5 min
  4. Exercise = 15 min
  5. Reading = 20 min
  6. Scribing = 10 min

Total = 1 hour


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