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An empty boat

An empty boat

  • We bebave one way when we believe there is another person at the helm. We can blame that person for our missfortune.
  • We behave more calmly when we learn that it's an empty boat. We make peace withe the fact that our misfortune was the result of fate or bad luck.
  • There's never anyone in the other boat. We are always screaming at an empty vessel. An empty boat isn't targeting us, and neather are the people.


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  • Every decision in the world is made by the person who has the power to make that decision. Make peace with that.
  • Sometimes we are yelling at an empty boat, except it's our boat.
  • Our environment tempts us many times a day to engage in pointless skirmishes, and we can do someth...

Freedom and Responsibility

When we realize that no one is there for us, and we are ourselves responsible for our lives, and the future, we don’t have anyone to blame. We cannot say our parents made us like this, or give the excuse of our inactivity to some circumstance or situation because we are free.


Learn to blame love

When difficulties strike in relationships, we often fall prey to the idea that we are going out with a foolish human. The sadness must be someone’s fault: and we conclude that the blame has to lie with the partner. At an extreme, we exit the relationship far too early. 


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