10 Tips For Faster Reading

  1. Read Only the First Sentenceof the Paragraph: Often used to convey the paragraph' subject. In doing so you may miss details, especially in literature books.
  2. Skip to the Last Sentenceof the Paragraph: It often wraps up the thought expressed and provides a connection to the next paragraph.
  3. Read Phrases: After skimming first and last sentences and deciding to read a paragraph, move your eyes quickly over each line and look for phrases and key words. Your mind can fill in the words in between.
  4. Ignore the Little Words:Ignore small words like it, to, a, an, and, be…
  5. Look for Key Point: if you are aware of the keywords in the subject you're studying. Focus your time on the material around those key points.
  6. Mark Key Thoughtsin the Margins: Makes reviewing easier.
  7. Use All the Tools Provided: Lists, bullets and sidebars normally contain key information.
  8. Take Notes for Practice Tests:Write important information as questions alongside their page numbers so you can check your answers if necessary. These will serve as practice test.
  9. Read With Good PostureI: Good posture helps you stay awake and read longer. If reading puts you to sleep read sitting up.
  10. Practice: Try reading quickly when you are not pressured with a deadline. Over time you will get faster.

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