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Different Types Of Doodling

Different Types Of Doodling

As a mainstream understanding, we know of doodling as "absentminded scribbling". There are many different types of doodling such as:

  • Infodoodles - which are used to explore and educate new ideas
  • Meditative Doodling - a practice of purposeful pen strokes that lead into quiet and reflective spaces
  • Zentangle Method - where beautiful and structured patterns are used.


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Benefits Of Doodling

The benefits of doodling are:

  1. Feelings of relaxation
  2. Mood regulation
  3. Better memory recall
  4. Increase in creativity and authenticity
  5. Deepening of learning in a multimodal manner.


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The Caveats Of Doodling

There is a time and place for everything, and this includes doodling.

  • Doodling in class or during a meeting is not helpful because doodling only improves memory recall if it is structured and combined with note-taking.
  • Unstructured...


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Patience is the key to achieve your goals.

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