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  • Past is not a burden, but a learning curve.
  • Mistakes are not be repeated but rectified.
  • We can only do that if we believe "whatever has to happen will happen, yet life must go on"
  • Everyone is living a life which some else wishes they could live.
  • Make most of it, “past is not a curse but a blessing” to make things right the next time.

Is past a curse or blessing?

  • Past is a memory that is gone in time
  • But we only remember or our mind will only remind us of moments that brought us tremendous joy or terrible misery.
  • Some people take positives and find ways to improve themselves
  • Some others live through the same mistakes over and over again, thinking it's thier fate.
  • Whatever happened in our past was due to the decisions we made in situations we felt were favorable to us and by foreseeing a better future.

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