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How do I find a beta reader?

  • Many authors start their search by asking friends and family.
  • It’s important that your beta readers approach your work with fresh eyes, with no previous knowledge about the story except a blurb
  • Joining a writing community to find people for beta reading


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How many beta readers do I need?

  • It’s a good idea to line up multiple beta readers.
  • Keep variety in mind when you search for your readers.
  • Based on the subject matter of your draft, you may also want to consider seeking out a sensitivity reader.
  • A

How much does beta reading cost?

  • Beta reading is most often done for free as a favor to the author.
  • Many writers offer free copies of their finished books to their beta readers, or acknowledge this favour by thanking them in another way.
  • Your beta reader maybe lucky to read your work for free but in return ...

How do I work with a beta reader?

It can be really helpful to write down a list of questions for your readers to answer about your piece. Like,

  • Did they find your story exciting, or did they fall asleep reading it?
  • Did they solve the mystery before your detective had a chance?

Also, set a deadline. ...

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