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A bureaucracy is an organization that has a complex structure of multilayered systems and processes in order to maintain uniformity and control within the organization.

Conversely, how the bureaucracy runs, inevitably causes the decision-making process to be slow. The bureaucracy stems from the effort to govern and watch over these organizations through systems that are formal and rigid. They place high regard on procedural correctness and hierarchical procedures.

Criticisms Towards Bureaucracy

  • Bureaucratic methods are outdated and have a backward-looking perspective, which is causing conflict with entrepreneurs and innovators who prefer forward-looking methods
  • Having a hierarchical decision-making process slows down efficiency
  • They have a rigid system that encloses the practice of protectionism such as being unable to fire someone with low performances due to the arduous termination process

Bureaucracy vs Administration

Bureaucracy is not the same as governance or administration. Although they may seem synonymous, bureaucracy and administrations have different objectives.

  • Administration - they usually direct organizational resources towards a specific and objective goal like generating profits or handing out services;
  • Bureaucracy - they ensure procedural correctness at all times irrespective of the circumstances and goals.

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