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Should you listen music during study?

Should you listen music during study?

1.if the musing is fast and loud it distrupt reading comprehension.because you use same part of brain for music and language with lyrics is more distracting than music without lyrics.

3.if you are listening your favourite style of music it can enhance your study.if it something you don't like it can distract.

In the case of music you should use your common sense and discovers what works best for you.


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Benefits of studying to music

Do you listen to music while you study, or do you prefer total silence? The jury is out on which is better since everyone is different; however, several research studies are proving that listening to the right kind of music can put your mind into study mode.

Here are some of the benefits of tuning in to the right tunes:

  • Relaxes the mind
  • Increases concentration
  • Lessens distractions
  • Improves focus
  • Improves performance in high-pressure situations, such as mid-terms and finals week



Music For Meditation Is Not A Necessity, It's A Preference

Often we hear crashing waves, swirling synths, and chirping birds in the background of our guided meditation voice projects to help us get comfortable and notice our breathing. However, there are many kinds of meditation and if background music isn't your preference, then there isn't a need to continue using ones that have them.

Just like sports, there are also many different types of meditation practices where some involve music while others don't.


Music for better productivity and focus
  • Classical music: Songs with no lyrics are often considered the finest form of the craft, always a popular choice.
  • Electronic music is repetitive, but in a good way.
  • Video-game music: Game composers know that the ideal music enhances the experience while not distracting the player.
  • Anything soft enough to not divert attention and focus is a possibility for your potential playlist ;
  • White noise or nature sounds.