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Educare: The Instructional Fallacy (IF)

The instructional fallacy is the assumption that if instruction is provided, then children will learn. However, the student does not learn. Even if they can master some concepts and skills temporarily, they usually don't remember them for long because they lack curiosity or continued study that depends on the knowledge.

It's not that instruction is defective, its that it is insufficient.

  • Learners must actively engage in order to learn.
  • They should have a genuine curiosity for the material.
  • They should take ownership of the process.


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Scientific Backed Ways To Learn Better

Scientific Backed Ways To Learn Better

  1. Learn faster and retain more by imagining that you have to teach someone else what you are learning
  2. Sleeping between two learning sessions greatly improves retention.
  3. Changing the way you practice a new motor skill can help you master it faster.

The Adaptiveness Of The Brain

  • The adaptiveness of the brain, which scientists have now better understood is called Neuroplasticity.
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