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Stop Using The Number 7

Whenever you don’t know if you should say no to something, simply rate it on a scale from 1 to 10. However, there’s one condition: You can’t use the number 7. If you rate something a 7, there’s a good chance you’ll feel obligated to say yes to it when you shouldn’t.

Don’t be scared to have an opinion. Stop playing it safe. Make a decision.

Look At People’s Feet

To know if someone is interested in your conversation just look their feet because most likely people will mould the expressions on their face being interested in conversation.

But subconsiously their feet will tell the truth side of their behaviour.

Practice What’s It’s Like To Be Poor

Many of us worry what if one day we ran out of money and we constantly think of it and get worry. But what instead we tok a experience what it looks like to be poor byt sleeping in sleeping bag, eating instant oatmeal , wearing same outfit, having cold showers and etc.

This will reduce the worry of what it be like cause you are kinda prepared for it in sort you had " fear rehearsing ". That will help you to take Risks easier.

Never Ask For Someone’s ‘Opinion’

When you ask someone for their ‘advice,’ this puts the other person in a togetherness state of mind, which helps increase the other person’s desire to support whatever you’re asking them for advice on.

Asking for their opinion, on the other hand, puts the other person in an introspection state of mind, which makes them focus more on themself and not on you.

So whenever you’re seeking input from your customers, peers, or even your boss, it’s worth asking them for their “advice.”

Pare Down The Number of Decisions You Make Every Day

Every single day, you make thousands of decisions: Should I hit the snooze button or not? What time should I leave for work? Should I exercise today? and the list goes on and on.

This lead to mental fatique of making decisions called Decision fatique. Which reduces the tendency to make decision in future. You have to learn to reduce the number of decisions you make on a daily basis either by automating them or delegating them.

"Whining is the first step toward change. It’s the moment when you realize something is very wrong and that you have to take the initiative to do something about it… People who don’t whine are punching bags. They just go about their days, their jobs, their lives, knowing there is nothing they can do to change a darn thing, so why say a word? They see no reason to whine because they know they are incapable of effecting change. Call me a whiner any day.”


Don’t Be A Donkey

Sivers tells a short story about a donkey in his book 'Tools of Titans' who is both equally hungry and thirsty. Fortunately, there’s a stack of hay a few feet away from him on his left side and a pail of water a few feet away on his right side. Because the hay and water are equally as far, the donkey can’t decide whether he should eat or drink first. Paralyzed by indecision, the donkey eventually falls over and dies from both hunger and hunger.

Try to focus on things one by one with determination

Tear Up Your To-Do List

Success is never achieved by the person who does the most things every day. Instead, success is always achieved by the person who does what is most important every day.

Whenever you make a to do list, don’t make your to-do list in random order. Instead, take a few extra minutes to list everything on your to-do list in order of priority and then focus on only doing the 3 most important things on your list.

Take Sabbaticals From Your Work

If you ever feel like you’re experiencing creative roadblocks in your work or that you’re feeling burnt out, it’s probably time to take a sabbatical.

What’s a sabbatical? Sabbaticals are mini-vacations from your work, which are meant to act as a detox from your daily routine so that you can recharge and get back to work better than before.

Taking a sabbatical, whether it’s for a week, a day, or even just a few hours, is a great way to cultivate new ideas and to avoid burnout in your work.

Use People’s Favorite Sound

People’s Favorite Sound is their name itself. So, remembering someone's name create a positive impact.

  • There are two reasons: First, when you remember someone’s name, it makes that person feel respected and more important.
  • Second, when you actively use someone’s name in conversation, it makes that person feel more engaged and interested.

Remembering and using someone’s name is a very subtle, yet powerful way to win people over.

"Mise En Place ": Reducing Friction

Essentially, chefs don’t start cooking until everything is, literally, in its place: their instruments and spices are organized, everything is clean, their ingredients are pre-chopped, their ingredients are pre-measured, etc.

Mise en place helps chefs reduce the friction they experience in the kitchen. As a result, chefs are able to cook better meals with far less effort. You can reduce the friction of your positive habits that will help that life changing habit build in your life effortlessly.

Turn “Have-To” Into “Get-To”

Don’t tell yourself “I have to go running today.” Instead, tell yourself, “I get to build endurance and get fast today. This simple change from "have to" into "get to" will surely give you better outcome.

Learn to reframe your habits to highlight their benefits rather than their drawbacks.

The repititon itself becomes the importanat thing; it's form mesmerism

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