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Simple tweaks to your calendar apps and email can help fight burnout

Simple tweaks to your calendar apps and email can help fight burnout

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Easy hacks for asynchronous communication

  • For a flexible schedule, use tools like email and use features like "schedule send." Then you can send an email during regular business hours regardless of when you drafted it.
  • For emails you only want to see later in the day, press "snooze" in Gmail, and let them come back to your inbox when you're ready.
  • For those who prefer stricter hours, set your status on messaging platforms outside your hours as Do Not Disturb.
  • Set your working hours in your calendar so that an automatic prompt will let others know if they try to schedule a meeting outside your working hours.

Use your calendar to set boundaries

Use your calendar to set boundaries

You, and only you, are responsible for scheduling personal time.

  • One idea is for employees to have access to one another's calendars. Transparent scheduling and communicating via your calendar can be helpful for setting boundaries with co-workers.
  • For those who do not feel comfortable providing this level of transparency via their calendar, consider leaving the block as "Personal Time - Emergencies Only."

Meetings don't have to be only work focused

Many of us think that we need to cut online meetings down to the bare minimum and remain silent before it starts. When attending an in-person meeting, no one sits around in silence before the start of the meeting. We shouldn't do this in virtual meetings either. Diving straight into the work can also suck the energy out of the virtual room.

Instead, allow time to catch up with one another and discuss topics other than work. Also, try and infuse more fun and energy into your meetings to bring socialisation back.

Embrace asynchronous working

Asynchronous working styles can better accommodate employees' creative flow.

Research suggests the average worker is only productive for 2 hours, 53 minutes within an 8-hour workday. Allowing workers flexibility outside of strict 9-5 hours can positively impact productivity and work-life balance.

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