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8 Lessons From Beyoncé

  1. Study your journey and use everything you’ve got. Take a scientific approach to your successes and failures and use them to inform your decisions.
  2. Recognize the sacrifice it takes to achieve things, not just the results. Beyoncé is an accomplished artist, but little is talked about the effort it took for her to be so.
  3. Experiment and learn as you go. Work-life balance is not easily attained, prioritization is a welcomed and necessary approach.
  4. Know your limits and make sure whenever you push them you do so wisely.
  5. Respect the work necessary to achieve things. Hold the vision and build a team to execute the details with intention and accountability.
  6. Seek continuous improvement as Beyoncé does through her rigorous and focused work ethic. We can live our lives to the fullest by continuously learning, growing and thriving.
  7. Define your core values and then, live and lead by them. For Beyoncé, family is a core value and priority. She aims to cultivate and express it in her life, business, and on the stage. Consider your own values and how they inform how you show up for yourself and others.
  8. Be grateful, be humble, and spark vision in others. Nothing moves us forward faster than gratitude. Humility enables us to reach others in an authentic way. Gratitude and humility empower us to spark a vision in others. Take your crazy ideas, express them in a tangible way and you will embolden others to do the same.


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I have a huge passion for food, hate to stay in comfort zone.

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