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If you want to do a thing badly enough, get together all of the information you can about it, provide yourself with all of the equipment that is available, and start where you stand to do what you can about it at that time.

The chances are, as strange as it may seem, as you use the tools that you have at hand, whatever they may be, that other and better tools will sometimes miraculously be placed at your service.

9 Motives

Everything you do from the time you reach the age of consciousness of yourself until you die is the result of a motive. Nobody ever does anything without a motive.

  1. Emotion of Love
  2. Emotion of Sex
  3. Desire for Material Wealth
  4. Desire for Self-preservation


  1. Definiteness of Purpose
  2. Mastering your Definite Purpose
  3. Accurate Thinking
  4. How to be an Accurate Thinker
  5. Applied Faith
  6. Applied Faith Success Stories
  7. The Fifteen Major Causes of Failure
  8. Persistence and Decisiveness
  9. Self-discipline
  10. Pleasing Personality
  11. More Factors of a Pleasing Personality
  12. Cosmic Habit Force
  13. Further Application of the Law of Cosmic Habit Force

2. Mastering your Definite Purpose

2. Mastering your Definite Purpose

Isn’t it a marvelous thing to know that nature has definitely given to every human being the right to determine his own earthly destiny, to use his mind, to engage in the sort of activities he wants to engage in?

1. Definiteness of Purpose

Wherever you find anybody who is succeeding, you’ll find a person who has adopted the principle of definiteness of purpose in connection with the things he does, and he follows that principle at all times.

... that she has great rewards to give out to individuals who find out what her plans are and adapt themselves to those plans, and great penalties for those who fail to do so.

Important Factors that go into the Business of applying Definiteness of Purpose

  1. Definite Purpose
  2. Definite Plan
  3. Appropriate Action

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