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The Five Dimensions Of Curiosity

The Five Dimensions Of Curiosity

  1. Joyous Exploration: It is a dimension where an individual recognizes the desire to seek out new knowledge and information with a subsequent joy of learning.
  2. Deprivation Sensitivity: This dimension has a distinct emotional tone where anxiety and tension are more prominent than joy. We often ponder abstract and complex ideas, create solutions for problems, and reduce the gaps in our knowledge.
  3. Stress Tolerance: This dimension is all about the willingness of an individual to embrace the distressing feelings that come with exploring new and unexpected events.
  4. Social Curiosity: This dimension is an individual's interest in knowing about what other people are thinking and doing through observation, making social gestures, or listening to conversations.
  5. Thrill Seeking: This dimension shows the willingness of a person to take the physical, social, and financial risks in order to acquire experiences they are curious about.


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