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Developing insight about yourself

Developing insight about yourself

Two perspectives can help to develop self-knowledge.

  • The "inside" view. This kind of self-awareness you gain from life experiences, such as a breakup, or finally knowing what you want in life. This knowledge underpins much of our motivation but tends to be hard to write down.
  • The "outside" view. You can gain this perspective from reading psychology, economics, neuroscience, and religion. This perspective doesn't explain your situation but can offer ideas for all situations.

Improving the outside view

The outside view is broad but often lack details. The solution to problems of the outside view is to educate yourself.

Learn about motivation, memory and willpower. Read broadly and widely to understand the human condition.

Improving the inside view

Wisdom is gained from experience. But our experience is also very narrow and a fragment of the possible lives we could have lived.

  • We can broaden our range of experience by trying a bunch of things. While this may sound silly to someone who is struggling, it is often a good answer.
  • To take full advantage of our limited experiences, we can document and measure them. We often fail to build on past successes because we don't take count of the foundation that was laid beforehand.
  • Talk to more people. Other people can offer a valuable outside perspective on your inside view.

Merging the two views (inside and outside)

Self-awareness comes from gaining richer and more accurate knowledge of yourself by combining theory and experience.

More self-knowledge leads to more success. If you understand how you function as an individual and as a person in general, you can gain a deeper purpose of your goals and know what will make you fulfilled.

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