Maximise These 4 Parts Of Your Day

Maximise These 4 Parts Of Your Day

  1. Use the morning commute to clear out your emails and prepare for your meetings that day.
  2. Turn the morning coffee run as a time to check in with colleagues and chase up outstanding work face to face.
  3. Change lunchtime into exercise time and burn some calories. Then you don't have to go to the gym in the evening.
  4. Finally, use the evening commute to meal plan, message friends and family and catch up on the latest podcast.
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Finding yourself in a funk

From time to time, we may find ourselves in a funk where we experience an unusual amount of distraction and self-doubt.

Slouching, rounding shoulders, shallow breaths, frowns, and sighs can make you feel down. To change your emotional state, often all that's necessary is to change your physiology.

The Law of Diminishing Intent

It states that the longer you postpone taking action, the less likely you will be to take it.

Jim Rohn originally noticed this phenomenon and coined the term.

Decision-makers sometimes self-limit the available choices, making them fall into two extreme, oversimplified alternatives. The reason for this is the desire to be action-oriented and efficient.

Leaders need to understand that probability of the choices being simply 0 or 1 is rare, and there have to be more alternatives if they do the required critical thinking, which would lead to effective outcomes.

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