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How to Start Working Out at Home

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Work From Home Blues

Sleeping during the day while working from home is an enticing option, and can be utilized for maximum benefit: A power nap of 20 minutes or less post lunch.

Doing something which provides you freedom, and is not having any sort of responsibility provides the mind a much needed break to get back into work with optimum levels of energy and alertness.


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Our Perceptions About Sleep

Sleep is often regarded as an unwanted activity that hinders our enjoyment of life, but it is crucial for our health and wellness. Real alertness begins with a rested mind after a full night's sleep.

Sleep is our brain’s housekeeping time when metabolic waste, toxi...


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Hyper Focused And Alert

Staying hyper-focused can be draining, but working from home is still easier than working as a pilot, air traffic controller, surgeon, or other jobs that require high levels of alertness.

Some ways to control the dip in alertness is to have a chat with your colleague, go for a stroll, and ...


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Sleeping On The Job

Sleeping On The Job

Working from home carries with itself unique challenges that are not addressed or even acknowledged in many cases.

Dozing off during work is often an unwanted effect of longer working hours and family responsibilities. Lack of a good night’s sleep isn’t helping either.


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Your energy levels will naturally decrease throughout the day, but you can recharge your batteries by taking breaks.

  • High performers work for fifty-two minutes, then take a seventeen-minute break.
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