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Making Reversible Or Fixable Decisions Fast

Making Reversible Or Fixable Decisions Fast

You don't need to make the perfect decision all the time, and if you want to preserve your decision-making energy for the things that actually matter, then try to make decisions that are not critical (e. g. deciding what toothpaste and toilet paper to buy or which Airbnb to rent) as quickly as possible.

If they are reversible (easily undone - like being able to get a refund for something or being able to buy another cheap item) even if they seem like big decisions, making these decisions quickly is a habit worth cultivating, that will save you a lot of energy so that you are more perceptive for the decisions where the stakes are higher.

A Whole Body Yes

A Whole Body Yes

When you're considering a decision, scan your head-> chest-> gut and look for a YES signal in all three areas; that is the only situation in which you should say yes.

To identify what a YES feels like, it's helpful to first look for NO signals: meaning, for any contractions in your head, chest, and gut.

This practice is helpful when you did all the objective analysis and they all say you should do something, but that conclusion feels off.

Using Risk-Benefit Lists

This practice involves writing down the best and worst-case scenarios for different options. They are good for investing-related decisions but can be applied to many other instances: If you can cap the downside, and there is an asymmetrical upside, then you know at least your maximum losses.

These are more helpful and more actionable than pro-con lists (which can be just long lists of different things to compare and contrast).

When Intuition Is Not Helpful

When you say that "your intuition told you to do X" but you haven't really done any risk-benefit analysis, it means you haven't really thought through the decision, you just want to do something and you use intuition as an excuse.

Intuition is most helpful when it is pointing in a different direction from your previous analysis.

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