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Preparing For A Restful Off Day

We need to do a mental check up on how we feel mentally, emotionally and physically, taking stock of our current and upcoming workload. A few pointers:

  1. Keep the media and news consumption on the lower side.
  2. Turn on blue-light filtering and minimize notifications on your digital device(s), enabling the airplane mode with wifi on if needed.
  3. Ward off any sleep debt by sleeping as long as you like, doing absolutely nothing even after waking up.
  4. Eat and drink whatever you like, indulging yourself. You earned this day by working hard 24/7.
  5. Do not worry about tomorrow.

The Dream Day: A Restful Day Off

Productivity warriors are so past ‘rest mode’ that even watching a complete movie in a relaxed manner is a challenging experience. We need to intentionally and thoughtfully design a restful off day, something that is increasingly difficult.

It is especially hard when we have our work desks right in the bedroom, or even on the bed. We need mental and physical demarcation to help separate our work from our life.

The Key To Productivity Is Rest

The Key To Productivity Is Rest

Getting caught daily in the endless cycles of productive work, we move towards extending and optimizing our productivity, not once thinking of stopping and taking a break.

The most overlooked key to productivity is to pause and rest, something that feels counterintuitive.

Ending Your Restful Off Day

An evening stroll in the park or at the mall can be relaxing, as can be just staying in bed. The trick is to not let the normal work-related activities interfere with your restful off day. Do not measure this beautiful day with what you have accomplished, as that is missing the point entirely.

The purpose of this day is to help you feel better physically and mentally.

Filling Your Rest Day With Activity

You can design a super-restful off day according to what makes us enjoy our life. It can be a healthy activity or doing something that does not require you to use your brain. Self-care is also a good idea, with a hot aromatic bath or pedicure making you feel better and relaxed.

You may also do your normal routines like preparing a cup of coffee, simply because it is relaxing to you. It feels restful and nourishing to freely let the day unfold, without any pressure or expectation. An off day is supposed to help you just be, not just doing something as always.

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