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Taste Of Things: Exposure Effect

The exposure effect in how things taste is described as our increased liking of stuff that we have tasted repeatedly. Apart from food, music, languages and art seem to have the same effect.

We also don’t like what we don’t know, and our tastes naturally evolve over time due to more exposure, experience and changing expectations.

Shaping Our Taste

While we are not in control of our tastes, we can shape them and acquire new ones with the following tips:

  1. Explore new stuff, comparing your tastes with others, keeping an open mind. Learn about food, music and art from different cultures.
  2. Slow down your experiences, chewing your food slowly, and not being in a hurry while travelling to new places, reading or meeting someone. Relish life.
  3. Reflect on your past experiences and try to document your exploration.

Why We Like What We Like: How Our Taste Is Shaped

Why We Like What We Like: How Our Taste Is Shaped

Our genes, along with culture, curiosity and social instincts shape our tastes. And an overlooked factor that shapes our experience is our expectations.

Taste becomes highly subjective, and the same wine can taste different if labelled as a highly priced one, and can taste generic if labelled as a cheap wine.

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