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ELC Podcast - Superpowers, Psychological Safety & Empowering Your Team

ELC Podcast - Superpowers, Psychological Safety & Empowering Your Team

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Which leadership traits come to you naturally?

Which leadership traits come to you naturally?

The SYPartners Superpower framework is a deck of cards, or an app to help you and your team learn about your team superpowers. Something that is like innate to you as a person, not who you want to be in the future.

It'll tell you about your leadership trait and also provide an aid to others on how to work with you.

Mentalities of The Drama Triangle

Mentalities of The Drama Triangle

The Drama Triangle was created by Stephen Karpman in the 1960s

  • Hero/Rescuer: "If that person did what, what I said, they'd be happy"
  • Villain/Persecutor: "That person will get what's coming to them"
  • Victim: "This always happens to me" or "Why can't I just get a break?

Tia caldwell

“You don't need to have this manager game face. I think there's this perception that when you're a manager, you're supposed to be the person who knows the answers to everything… And while a part of the execution piece is really necessary with being an effective manager, I think the other part is relationship building.

You need to invest the time in understanding how people work. Because people will be more open and honest with you, it'll help out with retention for your team and overall happiness. But if you don't… it's not going to go well because you'll be treating people as resources and not humans."


One on ones: listen vs coach

When somebody comes to me with a problem, I let them first say like, here's what they're going to talk about. And I'll ask explicitly "Do you want my opinion on X? or is this just a vent session?".

When they're in venting mode, is this something that I need to just sit there and listen, or is it something where they want to brainstorm a solution?

Turn the Victim into a Creator

Turn the Victim into a Creator

Creator focuses on the vision and desired outcomes. They take full responsibility for initiating the action to achieve the desired outcome.

So once you realize somebody's in Victim mode or like, and they're venting... how to get them to shift their focus into Creation, usually drives the conversation in the right direction.

Turn the Villain into a Challenger

You want them to spark learning by challenging assumptions and the status quo. Focus them on improvement and development by holding people accountable for taking action.

One on ones: the first one

To make sure that we're having a lot of authentic and real conversations, the first thing I do is I use this framework that was created by Lara Hogan.

I'll ask questions like "What makes you grumpy? How will I know? How can I help?"

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