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The Current Model (Habit Loop)

The Current Model (Habit Loop)

  • A cue is an external or internal trigger that signals the potential for a reward.
  • Craving is a feeling that motivates you to take action, and the strength of a craving depends on how you interpret the cue.
  • Craving leads to a response, and response is the actual action or habit you use to satisfy a craving.
  • The reward is the thing that actually satisfies the craving, closes the loop, and encourages us to repeat the action in the future.


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The Habit Loop

The Habit Loop

Each habit can be deconstructed in these 4 steps:

  1. The cue (smell of coffee) triggers a craving (I want coffee)
  2. which motivates a response (Buy coffee)
  3. which provides a reward ...

The Habit Loop

The Habit Loop

Any habit can be broken down into a feedback loop that involves four steps: 

  1. Cue: is that thing (mainly visual) that reminds you about the thing you about to do.
  2. Craving: Then you wanted (thinking) to do that thing.
  3. Response:

The 4 Steps of Habit Change

The 4 Steps of Habit Change

Habits exist in order to help us do repetitive things automatically.


1 - Cue: the cue triggers the brain to a certain behavior, like you walk into dark room.

2 - Craving: this is the motivation behind the habit, l...

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