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Practical Questions for Reflection: The Soil Questions

  • Does the forest I’m in have enough opportunities for me to fully bloom?
  • Can I learn, create, or discover something new here?


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The Fruits Questions

  • Have I given back to the environment?
  • Am I creating opportunities for others?
  • Am I helping to sustain the forest I’m in?
  • Am I taking care of the other organisms who take care of me?
  • Am I keeping my relationships symbiotic?

Practical Questions for Reflection

Practical Questions for Reflection

  • Have you found the action? Are you open and willing to search for it?
  • Would you actually do the action? Do you enjoy the process, and is it something you enjoy more than other things? Is it a priority for you?
  • Could you actually do the action? Do you have the knowledge, the c...

The Fruits

The Fruits

The fruits represent the actions that the tree uses to create new opportunities for others.

It represents the way in which the tree gives back to and helps sustain the forest which it is a part of and has depended on.

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