Five Lessons From “The Pursuit Of Happyness”

  1. Being an entrepreneur means facing challenges.Despair not, keep trying, your lucky break may be close. 
  2. Have high aspirations. Chris dreamt of being a stockbroker even when he was struggling as an intern. 
  3. Never show your weaknesses. Chris was a homeless father but he behaved and presented himself in a way no one would think him so.
  4. Don’t let others opinions hinder your journey. Chris’s partner thought his idea of becoming a stockbroker was an absurd. 
  5. Work towards achieving what you want.While working as a salesman, Chris encounters a successful stockbroker driving a nice car, decides he wants a similar life and starts working relentlessly towards it.
  6. The current economic status won’t determine your future. Be adaptable and don’t allow it to effect long term planning. 

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