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Misconception about Seduction

The Word Seduction has been sexualised so many times can't imagine it as a positive skill set. 

We typically associate seduction with something negative. We consider it as less honest, unprofessional and unacceptable form of skill. But Seduction is valuable life skill.

People say Money is bad. Money itself is not bad but it depends on how one use it. Same goes with seduction.

Formula of Seduction

1. Desire- knowing what u want and having willingness to go after it. 

Its Learning where the emotion buttons are and triggiering them. 

2. Confidence- Have self confidence, no matter what your body type and shape is. Seduction leads to self confidence and self confidence leads to success.

3. Body language- tone of voice, looks, touch...its a way to clearly communicate what you want. Connect and interact.

4. Arosal- sprouting out desire. Waking them to desire to give what you want. One have to give undivided attention to learn this art.

5. Fearless of failure- don't worry about rejection. It may be no first, get convertes into may be and which later become yes, persistent trying is what it counts.

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