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Formula of Seduction

1. Desire- knowing what u want and having willingness to go after it. 

Its Learning where the emotion buttons are and triggiering them. 

2. Confidence- Have self confidence, no matter what your body type and shape is. Seduction leads to self confidence and self confidence leads to success.

3. Body language- tone of voice, looks, touch...its a way to clearly communicate what you want. Connect and interact.

4. Arosal- sprouting out desire. Waking them to desire to give what you want. One have to give undivided attention to learn this art.

5. Fearless of failure- don't worry about rejection. It may be no first, get convertes into may be and which later become yes, persistent trying is what it counts.


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I love to play badminton, TT, Volley ball. I also like singing, dance, public speaking, social work. Speak about gender justice, environmentalist. Assistant Professor of law.

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