Active writing is more powerful. - Deepstash
6 Simple Tips for Bloggers - Improve your Blog Writing Now!

6 Simple Tips for Bloggers - Improve your Blog Writing Now!

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Active writing is more powerful.

A sentence in active voice focuses on the subject performing an action, buta passive sentence focuses on the receiver of the action.

Passive writing is written by zombies.

One of the most popular ways to identify passive voice is by adding “by zombies” after the action. If the sentence still makes sense, it’s passive. Here are some examples showing the difference.

  • “Mistakes were made [by zombies]” vs “I made a mistake [by zombies].”
  • “The sandwich was eaten [by zombies]” vs “Greg ate the sandwich [by zombies].”
  • “The essay was written [by zombies]” vs, “The student wrote the essay [by zombies].”

Use Headings

Use Headings

Subheadings can act as signposts, ensuring that distracted readers stay engaged with your content.

Google also finds headings helpful. The search engine uses heading tags to understand the structure of a webpage and assess how relevant the content is to the search request.

Say it with social

There are a lot of ways you can encourage sharing of your content, including:

  • Adding images — posts with relevant images get 94% more views than those without images and have 352% more engagement than links
  • Using easy social share buttons, like the bar on the bottom of this page
  • Implementing click to tweet functionality

Keep Sentences and Paragraphs Short

The attention span of internet users has dropped from 12 seconds to 8 seconds. That means you’ve got to grab your readers and convince them to stay. Or, at the very least, quickly give them something they can take away.

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