They gain satisfaction in the pursuit

They gain satisfaction in the pursuit

  1. Success is a journey rather than a destination.
  2. When you are focused on the process you really are excited about being in the present and enjoying it more fully.
  3. You are engaged and you want to dig deep at those opportunities and avenues you can, because at the end of the day it becomes about learning faster and gaining experience.


Why People Who Focus More On Processes Than Outcomes Gain More In Their Life


General Benefits of Focusing on the Process
  1. There is more to success than just looking at results without understanding that at the end of the day it comes down to your consistency and the process involved in getting the job done.
  2. When you start focusing your attention and energy less on the results but rather on the processes or the techniques involved, you discover that you learn faster, are more successful and even happier at the outcome.
  3. Altogether you gain more in life when you focus on the process rather than the results.


They have fewer distractions
  1. Let’s face it, there is pressure when it comes to delivering results.
  2. You really want to prove a point and you are sort of steamed to cut corners if you have to just to achieve results.
  3. When you focus on the process you eliminate the noise of external factors. There is less pressure.
  4. It is not about winning or losing but it is about gaining mastery in whatever desire you are pursuing.
  5. You are not disturbed. It is not really about satisfying the external factors but rather about conquering you.


They are in charge
  1. Focusing on results puts you only in partial control of whether you reach it or not.
  2. There are things working against you, time, health, support group, competition… the list is endless. You just have to deliver.
  3. But when you do not have the challenge of getting results hovering, you have an internal locus of control that leads to higher self-esteem, empowerment and all together success. This gives you a more meaningful life.



They derive happiness in giving their very best
  1. There is happiness in enjoying the fruit of your labor. That is what focusing on the process gives you.
  2. Things in life may not actually turn out the way you want to but you are happy that you dedicated yourself to the process and won within.
  3. There is no point in predicating your success on only a specific outcome, this will only lead to frustration and disappointment.
  4. Rather than allowing your happiness to be contingent on you attaining a particular result, let your happiness be dependent on how much you have worked to reach your goal.


They can deal with mistakes
  1. Mistakes are part of existence as no one is perfect.
  2. Mistakes help you learn and grow in life.
  3. When you are focused on a specific desired result you are less willing to experiment or take risks that may just propel you to a better outcome than the one you were actually aiming for.


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Focussing on the process helps you

1. Deal with mistakes and makes you more willing to take risks.

2. Gain pursuit of satisfaction. Enjoying and completely being present in the moment.

3. Eliminate external distractions and lowers the pressure. It is not about winning or losing but it is about gaining mastery in whatever desire you are pursuing.

4. Be IN CHARGE and control of your work.

5. Derive Happiness in giving your very best.



Why People Who Focus More On Processes Than Outcomes Gain More In Their Life

Accept that the self-centered person might never consider your needs first. As much as this friend or lover means to you, know that they have no regard for others’ feelings or welfare. They can have moments of generosity and charm, but for the most part, they simply lack the skill or willingness to be thoughtful and considerate.



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Emotions can act in our favour
  • Generally, emotions keep us safe. Feeling fear will help us survive a threatening environment, and feeling love helps us form companionship.
  • Emotions can also be manipulated. It includes the act of "posturing" - making one's body look larger than it is - to seem more threatening. Humans instinctively respond to the neonatal features of babies which encourages us to protect them.
  • We can alter our emotional display so as to elicit an appropriate response. For example, the teacher who is hugely frustrated, but greets with a smile.

But emotional labour can cause burnout, manipulation of emotion can cause confusion and hurt, and showing off will not always achieve the results we desire.



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